Carbon-Fibre Parts


Unfortunately, the engine covers shown below are no longer available.  They are only here to demonstrate the quality of our carbon-fibre work.

If you have any similar requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.


Mitsubishi FTO engine



The cover is made from carbon-fibre layers on core mat composite glass.


The badges are made from polyester glass-fibre with aluminium powder, to give a metallic finish.


Engine cover



To the right is shown the cover fitted.  The original was just a dull grey plastic, but with our replacement it has improved the look of the engine compartment no end.


  Thanks must go to Chris Hanlon for taking the photo, and allowing it to be used on our website.


Mitsubishi FTO

engine cover, without badges


The plain cover to the left is the most recent addition to our range. 


The specifications are the same as the badged model.








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