Entrance door canopy.


Below are photo's of an innovative entrance door canopy that we have recently developed. It is completely made from strong, but lightweight, glass-fibre reinforced resin.

It is a no maintenance, easy to install unit, enabling quick transformation of the profile of any building.

The dimensions are: Length: 9'2'' (2.81m), width: 4'10'' (1.49m), height: 2'' (0.61m)

Price: 2980 for the canopy & columns shown in the photo below.

Click here to view our range of columns suitable for the canopy.


The picture to the left shows the attractive panelling on the underside of the canopy unit.

The innovative design of the roof section directs the flow of rainwater towards the back of the canopy, where holes lead to the concealed drainpipes within the rear columns. Thus eliminating the need for unsightly drainpipes to be on show.







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