1/5 scale body-shell

for HPI Baja 5T







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The latest model to be added to the range of fibreglass AWC HARDCASE shells is this drop-dead gorgeous body for the 1/5 scale HPI Baja 5T.

This exclusive, brand new design has been hand-crafted in strong, but lightweight, Glass Reinforced Plastic (fibreglass) by our very own Alan Woodall.

To live up to its Hardcase name, the front, rear and roof have been reinforced with extra layers of woven rovings, as these are the areas most likely to get damaged with the daft stunts Baja drivers get up to.

If you choose the lighting option, the shell will come with it's own set of 4 white & 2 red, high quality 5mm LED torch lights (perfect for night bashing). They are so bright that it is not advised to look directly into them! They should run for hours from a standard 9 volt PP3 battery (not supplied).


£156.99 with lights + postage

£139.99 without lights + postage

They are available in black, white, red, blue or orange.

They can be reinforced with Kevlar for £20 more than the prices shown above.

If you wish to purchase one, please click on the following ebay link

Please send e-mail to Alan Woodall Crafts for any enquiries.

This page last updated on, Saturday 16th July 2011