Due to the new smoking regulations imposed, we have developed a novel object that will solve the problems of discarded cigarette ends and ash around smoking outlets.

Having travelled the country we have seen many solutions to overcome the eyesore of cigarette ends scattered all around the floor. Ranging from a bucket filled with sand, to even a plastic water bottle hanging on a wall outside a taxi firm! These may have worked, but were hardly a good-looking answer to the problem.

Our solution is the Buttub bin; the practical, stylish way to dispose of cigarette butts.



Our design was based on a cigarette, as it would be easily recognisable to any culture.

It is made with a metal body with a durable powder coated finish.

12” (30.5cm) tall.
3” (7.6cm) diameter.
2 ¾ lbs (1.2 kg) weight.

£49.95 each
(subject to trade discount on quantity)

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The Buttub in use

The buttub can be quickly fixed to a wall, or strapped around a metal post with a bracket.

Ash can easily be tapped into the Buttub through the central grill. When you have finished your cigarette it is disposed of through one of the outer holes.

Emptying the Buttub

Once the unit is full it can be easily emptied by turning a recessed Allen-head screw.

This then allows the bottom hinged flap to open, expelling the butts and ash into a waiting container of your choice.


Please send e-mail to Alan Woodall Crafts for any enquiries.


This page last updated on Thursday 11 October 2007