Incredible 3D moving policemans head optical illusion
Fun item for the security conscious







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As you can see in the photo's above, the 3D head turns to follow, no matter where you are located. It requires no moving parts, glasses or special lighting to create the illusion. Just hang it up and prepare to be amazed.

It can be be used as a novelty item, to attract people to your shop, or it can be used as a deterrent against shoplifters (it would be a bit off-putting, attempting to steal something, when a picture of a policeman is constantly turning his head to keep an eye on you).

If you don't believe the effect is real, just click on the box above to watch a video of the head in action.

The photo's above show the unpainted version of the head.

Each head is made in strong, but lightweight, glass-reinforced resin and painted by hand. It's 15 inches (38cm) tall x 9 inches (23cm) wide.


Unpainted £34.99 + postage

Painted £44.99 + postage

Please send e-mail to Alan Woodall Crafts for any enquiries.

This page last updated on Friday, 11 March 2011